This article appears in a source that is not canon, being neither a Primary or Secondary source of continuity. This could be a defunct novel, comic, or even an entire source that was never made. See Continuity and Canon in the Robotech Universe.

The Hades Mission is the name of a initiative launched by the United Earth Government in the early 21st century after the First Robotech War. Its basis came when Dr. Emil Lang waged a two-year campaign for funding of a mission to retrieve discarded components from the SDF-1 that were part of the EVE mother computer that was left in the orbit of Pluto.

Eventually, the Mission was launched in 2017 that consisted of robots with the intention of conducting a salvage operation around Pluto. However, the robots failed to return from their objective in late 2019 whereupon Lang pleaded for a rescue mission to be launched but this fell on deaf ears. Ultimately, the Hades Mission was forgotten by December 2028 when it finally returned to Earth at the Tanegashima aerospace facility in Japan.

Records of the Hades Mission were included in Insights: Alien Psychology and the Second Robotech War by Zeitgeist. During the robot retrieval mission, the Tirolian forces of the Robotech Masters observed the event from their Mothership convoy that was heading to Earth.



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