George Sullivan was a covert agent who gathered intelligence for the GMP while posing undercover as a lounge singer.


His younger sister Marlene was mortally wounded in a Bioroid attack. Sullivan abandoned his post to be with her has she died, but was arrested by the GMP and forced to act as a covert agent. He then started his undercover work as a lounge singer.

Dana + George Stardust

Dana and George right before his death. (Masters Saga: "Stardust")

While investigating potential vulnerabilities in the motherships of the Robotech Masters, Sullivan became involved with Dana Sterling of the 15th Squadron. However, on their first mission together, Sullivan was killed in action and the information he gathered about the Robotech Masters failed to stop their vessels. (Masters Saga: "Stardust")

Behind the scenes

George Sullivan

George Sullivan appears in the episode "Stardust." His image was used as the cover for an LP of Robotech music, an April fools release capitalizing on the often considered poor quality of Sullivan's cover of Minmei music. The CD was teased by Harmony Gold as featuring a "hero returned," with the image suggesting it was Roy Fokker.

In Robotech Art 1, he is identified as "Jordan Sullivan."


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