The SDF-7 at Garuda.

Garuda was one of the planets within the Local Group and home to the sentient Garudan species. It was a mostly cold and barren world of steppes as well as tundra along with vast frozen regions and glaciated mountain ranges. The few flora and fauna that exists on this world resided within the equatorial region of evergreen analogues. There were only two seasons namely wet and dry. The planet's atmospheric composition was Earth-like but toxic to all non-indigenous life as it contained the presence of dozens of airborne spores as well as micro-organisms that resembled psychotropic drugs.

Similar to many worlds, it was believed that the enigmatic being known as Haydon was responsible for engineering the unique environment of the planet. During Zor's rebellion, it became one of the many planets seeded with a mutant strain of the Flower of Life. At some unknown point, it became a subject world of the Tirolian Empire that was led by the Robotech Masters who stationed a garrison of clone Bioroid pilots to ensure their rule. In this era, the Masters would dominate the planet, enslave its population, experiment on them, steal their air and harvest the Flowers. During the reign of the empire, the Masters used small doses of Garudan atmosphere as a narcotic recreational drug. Eventually, Garuda would attract the attention of the vengeful Invid who conquered the planet and established Hives in regions to harvest the Flower.

Whilst a majority of the Tirolian clones died, some managed to escape where they either died due to the toxic atmosphere or seemingly adapted to it. There, they remained in hiding and worked in conjunction with the Garudans as part of a resistance movement. After the destruction of Praxis, the Sentinels decided to strike at the orchard gardens on Garuda to deprive the Invid of the sustenance they gained from the Flower of Life. Despite a vicious battle, they ultimately managed to liberate the planet which led to the Invid Brain in charge of the garrison to expose itself to the toxic atmosphere in order to kill itself. This instead caused it to fall into a coma where it unconsciously manipulated the micro-organisms in the air to take control of those natives that had adapted to the atmosphere and turn them against the Robotech Expeditionary Force. This was the case until the Brain was destroyed and allowed Garuda to be truly free.


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