2nd can

This work is considered secondary-cannon. Although it has not yet been removed from the Robotech universe, it is still not considered Primary Canon. See Continuity and Canon in the Robotech Universe.

The GU-13 was a gun pod developed by the Robotech Defense Force at Research Base Gibraltar during the First Robotech War. It was meant to be the primary armament of the new VFI2 series Veritech fighter.

It was designated as a 50mm gun pod with a 500 microburst magazine. The firing mechanism was an accelerator that was able to shoot rounds at an average distance of 20 miles and an effective weapon range was 17.1 miles. These weapons were considered far superior to the GU-11 used by VF-1 Valkyrie as they held almost three times the ammo, 5 times the range and 45% greater accuracy.


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