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MAC-II Monster
Type: Destroid
Affiliation: Robotech Defense Force
Height: 22.5 m
Depth: 41.1 m
Breadth: 24 m
Armaments: Four 406mm cannons
Two triple missile launch tubes
Crew: 3

The Destroid Monster (official designation HWR-00), also known as the MAC-II, was a heavy artillery destroid fielded by United Earth during the First Robotech War.

Battleship Killer

The Destroid Monster is one of the heaviest piece of machinery ever built that is used by the RDF. It features four naval sized guns, 406 mm cannons, each able to fire 3 shells in its internal magazine. The Monster from the start was designed to be used as mobile artillery. Because of the Monster's extreme weight, its barrels are made out of extremely light material. The Monster is able to temporarly outgun a World War 2 battleship with its massive armament.

For the Macross equivalent, visit HWR-00_Monster.

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