The Delta Fighter.

The Delta fighter was a veritech developed by the Robotech Expeditionary Force after it was stranded at Tirol.

This craft was developed as part of a prototype design under the direction of Doctor Emil Lang where it was stationed onboard the SDF-3. Lieutenant Rebecca Nicks was in charge of oversight of the craft. However, Lynn Kyle commandeered the fighter in order to spirit Lynn Minmei away from the SDF-3 so that she could escape the clutches of General T. R. Edwards. General Edwards launched his elite Ghost Squadron to retrieve Minmei

However, their interception mission faced difficulty as they intended to keep their secret orders from being discovered by Lieutenant Nicks. The Delta managed to evade its pursuers and reach Tirol's airspace but General Edwards had the planetary anti-air batteries shoot the craft down whereupon it crashed on the surface. The fighter managed to survive though was damaged but its occupants fled into the city to escape Edward's forces.

Behind the Scenes


The Delta fighter in robot mode, never used in the comic but seen in the timeline issue meant to cover the stories that the comic could not cover due to being cancelled.

The Delta fighter makes its only appearance in Book Four of the Sentinel comics and is seen only in fighter configuration. Its ability to transform to battloid mode is seen in the Sentinels Timeline issue.

It was originally designed for the Sentinels series, and bore the name VTOL fighter in the Robotech Art 3 book.



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