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The Masters, Episode 54
Air date 21 May, 1985
Written by Steve Kramer
Directed by Robert V. Barron
Comic adaptation(s) Robotech Masters 20: Daydreamer
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Crisis Point
Final Nightmare
"Daydreamer" is the 57th episode of Robotech and 21st episode of the Masters saga.


The Earth forces withdraw while Musica is seen as spy by some.


The remnants of Emerson's force withdraws toward Moon Base Aluce-1 as a shuttle bearing the 15th Squad, Zor, and Musica returns to Earth.

Musica and Bowie are happy to be together again, and the alien beauty tries to assimilate herself to her new environment. Their plans are cut short when Nova Satori and the military police seek Musica out as a spy.

Memorable quotes

  • Nova: "Okay, something funny's going on here."
    Dana: "What could be funny about a wounded big toe, that can be very painful!"
  • Musica: "Oh! But this garment exposes my legs!"
    Dana: "With legs like yours, I wouldn't let it bother me."
  • Dana: "Anyone know where Musica is?"
    Sean: "Out with her Don Juan, who else?"



Vessels and vehicles



Background information

Daydreamer was based on the original Japanese episode of Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross entitled "Deidorīmu" (Meaning "Daydream" in English) that was aired 9 September, 1984 in Japan.


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