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"Dana In Wonderland"
The Masters, Episode 55
Dana in Wonderland
Air date 17 May, 1985
Written by Steve Kramer
Directed by Robert V. Barron
Comic adaptation(s) Robotech Masters 18: Dana in Wonderland
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"Dana In Wonderland" is the 55th episode of Robotech and 18th episode of The Masters Saga.


The 15th is captured, but not before making a startling realization about the nature of their enemies, the Robotech Masters.


Trying to escape Zor, the 15th Squad makes a scattered retreat into the depths of the giant ship. The Robotech Masters mobilize their sentries in an attempt to capture the Micronians before they spread more "emotional contamination."

As they race through the ship, Dana discovers many disturbing facts about the true nature of the civilization living on board the ship. Independent thought and emotional response are strictly forbidden. Transgressors are destroyed. All clones live to serve the Robotech Masters. What they believed to be androids are actually clones, biogenetically evolved from the organic cells of living beings. They are not mechanical creatures devoid of feeling.

In spite of their abilities as a fighting team, the cards are stacked against the 15th this time out. They are captured and brought before the Robotech Masters.

Memorable quotes

  • Bowie: "What do we do now Lieutenant?"
    Dana: "Break into Christmas Carols if they catch us."
  • Louie: "This is beginning to take on all the aspects of a horror movie."
  • Musica: "I would be content to remain like this for the rest of recorded time."
  • "Please do not feel badly. You are freedom, and my life means nothing."
  • Sean: The fire is too heavy! We can't get through!
    Angelo: Keep firing! We've got to get through!



Vessels and vehicles



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Background information


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