"Codename: Robotech"
The Macross Saga, Episode Pilot #2
Air date March 4, 1985
Written by Carl Macek
Directed by Robert V. Barron
Ippei Kuri
Episode Guide
"Space Fortress Macross"
"Genesis Climber MOSPEADA"

"Codename: Robotech" was a 73 minute feature film given to TV stations that agreed to air Robotech on a weekly basis. This film was aired on TV once around the country on March 4, 1985 before the Robotech TV series began. It was meant to introduce an audience to the complex world of Robotech before watching the episodes.


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Background information

Codename: Robotech was basically an extended episode 14, Gloval's Report, by retelling the first 12 episodes of Robotech in a reminisce form. However, it was done in a way to showcase different characters, mecha, story elements, and more, giving the newcomer an idea of what Robotech was all about and an insight to Gloval's personality.


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Space Fortress Macross
Genesis Climber MOSPEADA

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