This article appears in a source that is not canon, being neither a Primary or Secondary source of continuity. This could be a defunct novel, comic, or even an entire source that was never made. See Continuity and Canon in the Robotech Universe.

Clayton Fortenspeil was an anchor at MBS. In 2005, Nina Lang visited Macross Island in order to play numerous concerts and was reunited with her brother in this time. Over the course of events, the Faithful's new charismatic leader Geoff Davies decided to entrench himself deeper in Macross City's politics and asked for Nina Lang's help in this endeavor. He asked her to sponsor a number of anti-Robotech commercials on the Macross Broadcast System. This prompted Dr. Lang with asking MBS anchor Clayton Fortenspeil to begin a public debate where he would argue the benefits of Robotechnology against Nina. In this time, Nina would visit the SDF-1 and was given a tour by Roy Fokker though in truth she wanted him to convince her brother to call off the public debate as she feared it would cause a wedge in her relationship with him. (Robotech: Return to Macross)


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