Claudia Grant was the SDF-1's Chief Communications Officer.


Global War

Claudia joined the war effort of the Global War, and after initially being posted to an air base in Wyoming, she meet a then young Lt. Roy Fokker. (Macross Saga: A Rainy Night)

First Robotech War

Claudia became a bridge officer on the SDF-1 with the rank of lieutenant commander and was third in command after Captain Henry J. Gloval and Lt. Cmdr. Lisa Hayes when the SDF-1 launched in February 2009. Claudia was tasked with coordinating communications for the 15,000 crew members aboard the SDF-1.

In 2014, at the last battle with Khyron: who launched a suicide run against the SDF-1, Claudia, Admiral Gloval, Lt. Vanessa Leeds, Lt. Sammie Porter, and Lt. Kim Young died at their posts. (Macross Saga: "To the Stars")

After Khyron's ship impacted them, Captain Gloval ordered her to announce the abandon ship order as the captain launched Commander Lisa Hayes into an escape pod. As the reactor blew, Grant reminded the captain that there was no smoking on the bridge. (Mars Base One Part One)


Secondary continuity



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