Claudia Grant was the SDF-1's Chief Communications Officer.


Global War

Claudia joined the war effort of the Global War, and after initially being posted to an air base in Wyoming, she meet a then young Lt. Roy Fokker. (Macross Saga: A Rainy Night)

First Robotech War

Claudia became a bridge officer on the SDF-1 with the rank of lieutenant commander and was third in command after Captain Henry J. Gloval and Lt. Cmdr. Lisa Hayes when the SDF-1 launched in February 2009. Claudia was tasked with coordinating communications for the 15,000 crew members aboard the SDF-1.

In 2014, at the last battle with Khyron: who launched a suicide run against the SDF-1, Claudia, Admiral Gloval, Lt. Vanessa Leeds, Lt. Sammie Porter, and Lt. Kim Young died at their posts. (Macross Saga: "To the Stars")


Secondary continuity



For the Macross equivalent, visit Claudia LaSalle.

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