Cabell was a male Tirolian who lived during the reign of the Robotech Masters. He himself was not a Master, and was born naturally.

According to some sources, Cabell was an elderly scientist who was a mentor to the young Zor who was a brilliant member of the scientific community. He sponsored him during his attempts at finding new alternative sources of energy for Tirol which saw Zor engage in space exploration. His activities led to the discovery of Optera and the Invid Flower of Life which he experimented on to create Protoculture. Cabell worked alongside Zor as a contemporary of him when he developed the Protoculture Matrix. (Legend of Zor)

Cabell worked in series of bioengineering that eventual resulted in the creation of the Zentraedi.

Eventually, the corrupt Senate created the Tirolian Empire when Nimuul ascended to the leadership of the government and used the newly developed science of Robotechnology to declare themselves the Robotech Masters. Eventually, Zor rebelled against them by taking the Protoculture Matrix onboard his flagship, the SDF-1 and sent it to an unknown world. Zor himself was killed in an Invid attack and the Robotech Masters empire began to wither without the means of producing more Protoculture.

Following his death, Cabell used DNA samples of his former student to create a clone of Zor who he named Rem. Rem was completely unaware of his true origins and served as an apprentice to the elderly Cabell who was an outcast amongst the Robotech Masters. During this time, Cabell made many experiments in hope of duplicating Zor's brilliant work at creating Protoculture but failed. It was because of this fact that he was left behind at Tiresia when the Robotech Masters went in search for the Protoculture Matrix. Their departure allowed the Invid Regent to lay siege to Tirol itself and conquer it. Hiding within the catacombs, they witnessed the pillaging of their planet being conducted by the Invid Inorganics and sought to study them. Eventually, the planet was liberated by the hands of the Humans of the Robotech Expeditionary Force with both Cabell and his student Rem joining them. Eventually, the pair worked alongside the Sentinels and accompanied them as the band of aliens sought to free their conquered homeworlds from the forces of the Invid Regent.

Cabell and Rem Prelude

In Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles, Cabell is shown to had survived the events of the war and was on Space Station Liberty after General T. R. Edwards was killed on Optera. Alongside Rem, he voiced his concerns that a new war for Protoculture was over the horizon though Rem stated that peace had come to Tirol and he was excited to study the Neutron-S missiles for Admiral Rick Hunter.


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