CVS-101 Prometheus
Affiliation: Robotech Defense Force
Type: Prometheus-class Submersible Aircraft Carrier
Length: 512 m
Beam: 91 m
Draft: 70 m
Crew: Ships' crew (2,996 men),
Air Group (1000 men) and Marine reinforced company (230 men)

CVS-101 Prometheus was a Aircraft Carrier in the First Robotech War, which was attached to the SDF-1 after it was caught in the ship's Space Fold and shifted in space, near Pluto.


First Robotech War

The Prometheus was holding outside of Macross Island, with her sister carrier Daedalus, and several smaller auxiliary craft. (Macross Saga: "Boobytrap")

When the Zentraedi attacked Macross island the Prometheus aided in the defense of the SDF-1. Supplying fighter planes and squads to back up the islands defenses, the Prometheus held in the ocean as the SDF-1 launched into space.

When the SDF-1 activated its low orbit atmospheric hyperspace fold it transported the Prometheus to the far orbit of Pluto. With the Carrier not being space functional or flight capable the SDF-1 immediately docked the Prometheus on the Port side. (Left side) After it was docked the Carrier provided great support, with it's extra fighter squadrons and flight deck, which launched the planes throughout the show. Prometheus was destroyed along with the SDF-1 later on Earth during Khyron's attack on New Macross City.


The Prometheus was able to sustain the harsh atmospheric conditions of planet re-entry and the vacuum of space.
The Prometheus has four steam catapults on the bow and another four steam catapults on the port side of the vessel. Even though the Prometheus resembles the Nimitz class Super Carriers of today it is several times larger. Veritech capacity is well over 200.
The ship was frozen in Pluto's orbit after the hyperspace fold jump was complete

Behind the scenes

  • The ship resembled a present day (2011) Carrier, with a full body flight deck with a rear to side take off runway.

For the Macross equivalent, visit CVS-101 Prometheus.

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