The Black Death Destroyers.

The Black Death Destroyers were an elite group of special Invid grown in advanced mecha and were part of a special project started by the Regent. They were created with the specific task of combating the threat posed by the Sentinels when the Invid's Empire in the Local Group was being slowly liberated.

After the liberation of Haydon IV, half of the special children had been grown to maturity in the Royal Egg Chamber at the Home Hive on Optera. These Black Death Destroyers remained encased within their new design matrices and were the strongest as well as most deadliest warriors under the Regent. Their abilities even outstripped the pilots of the regular Invid mecha and even the Inorganics. After his reason from the Haydonite homeworld, the Regent commanded the hatching of the Black Death Destroyers and immediately unleashed them on the Sentinels.


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