Bioroid Subcommander
Bioroid subcommander
Type: Mentally-controlled Battloid
Affiliation: Robotech Masters
Height: 6.52 m
Depth: 2.05 m
Breadth: 2.8 m
Armaments: 1 x pulse cannon gun pod, usually using the more common "drum" gun
Crew: 1 pilot.

The "Green Bioroid" was encountered within the Robotech Masters' ships. Superior in speed and armor to the blue Bioroids, this mecha was reserved for unit commanders, although at times may be piloted by complex bio-androids that enable the bioroid to be remotely controlled like the one captured and analyzed by the Southern Cross research division.

The Bioroid is unarmed and incapable of flight, and makes up for these deficiencies with one of two types of gun pod and the Bioroid hovercraft. The Green Bioroid is usually equipped with the "Drum" gun pod, so named because it is shaped like a sideways drum.


Tertiary sources

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