Bioroid Soldier
Bioroid on pad close-up
Type: Mentally-controlled Battloid mecha
Affiliation: Robotech Masters
Height: 2.05 m
Depth: 2.05 m
Breadth: 2.8 m
Armaments: 1 x Gun pod, usually using the more common "Drum" gun, a pulsed ion Beam cannon
Crew: 1 pilot

The Bioroid Soldier was the basic soldier model of the Robotech Masters' forces. The Bioroid is unarmed and incapable of flight, and makes up for these deficiencies with one of two types of gun pod and the Bioroid hovercraft. The Blue Bioroid is usually equipped with the "Drum" gun pod, so named because it is shaped like a sideways drum.

The Bioroid is controlled by a mechanism unique to all Robotech mecha. While Battloids and Battlepods use input from control sticks and pedals to translate pilot's intent to the mecha, and whereas Power Armors amplify limb movements to the mecha's own limbs, the Bioroid is completely mentally controlled. A series of biological "diodes" implanted into the pilot reroute brain signals from the pilot's motor nervous system to the Bioroid's, making the Bioroid an extension of the pilot's own body. Because of this, and because of the unique servo system, the Bioroid is extremely difficult to disable without killing or incapacitating the pilot. A side effect of the control system is that when the pilot is improperly removed from the mecha, his/her nervous system can be damaged, and may become completely unresponsive.


Tertiary sources

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