Bioroid Armored Fighter
Hunters Invid Bioroid
Type: Mentally-controlled Battloid mecha
Affiliation: Robotech Masters
Height: 6.7 m
Depth: 2.05 m
Breadth: 2.8 m
Armaments: 1 x Hand-held gun pod (usually using the "disk" shaped pulse cannon)

The Bioroid Armored Fighter, also known as the Invid Fighter, was an Advanced Triumvirate Combat Mecha Bioroid utilized by the Robotech Masters.



Several of these mecha remained behind on Tirol after the Masters had abandoned their homeworld and departed for Earth. These Bioroids served as the last line of defense on their world when it was invaded by the forces of the Regent. Despite their capabilities, they were unable to stem the tide of the Invid invaders and were destroyed whereupon Tirol was conquered by the vengeful Regent.

Southern Cross

During the height of the Second Robotech War, the armored Invid Fighter was being developed in order to better combat the Army of the Southern Cross as well as prepare for the coming of the Invid. These Bioroids were designed to function well with the tightly developed coupling of the Clone Triumvirate pilots. As such, three operators were designed to function as one where they coordinated their actions and acted as one mind.

This Bioroid model was primarily developed to fight off the Invid swarm expected due to the presence of the Invid Sensor Nebula in the Sol system; however, it proves itself quite effective against the forces of the Army of the Southern Cross. The Bioroid includes an armored energy sensor to correct a vulnerability in previous models of Bioroids, but the cockpit is the weak point in the unit's armor.


Tertiary sources

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