A Bio-Emulator.

A Bio-Emulator was a device which produced specific emanations of Protoculture which were distinctive as being part of Robotechnology. They were designed with the purpose of fooling Invid sensors that were sensitive to such transmissions and thus leading their mecha into a trap. The system produced by the Bio-Emulator was not perfect as the synthetically produced Protoculture emanations were unusually steady in their dispersion with no modulation or fluctuation being produced.

The first known use of the device was by the resistance band of Human fighters on Earth led by Scott Bernard who deployed a Bio-Emulator. This machine attracted a squadron of Invid led by Prince Corg who did not believe Humans were capable of any deception. As such, he ignored the warnings of the Queen-Mother Regess who had anticipated a trap. With the Bio-Emulator, the resistance fighters successfully defeated the Invid forces who suffered heavy casualties as a result.


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