Armor 1
Affiliation: Robotech Defense Force
Type: Carrier
Length: 430 m
Beam: 172 m
Draft: 48 m
Armaments: 5 x main Particle cannons
6 x triple-barreled Beam cannons
2 x Torpedo Launchers
6 x ten-tube Missile launchers
48 x single barrel beam cannons
Carried mecha: ~270 QF-3000E Ghost drone fighters
~100 SF-2 Hunter/
SF-3 Lancer space fighters
~ 12 VF-1 Valkyrie fighters
~ 10 AEW aircraft, Space shuttles,
and other small auxiliaries
Crew: 1,500 crewmen,
600 pilots and air group personnel

The Armor class was a type of carrier fielded by the Robotech Defense Force and was one of the first human created Starships. The class was developed before Robotechnology was fully understood by Humanity and lacked some of the advances made through the study of the SDF-1. Ten Armor carriers were built by the time of the First Robotech War.

Some accounts state that the SDF-2's "arms" were made up of two Armor carriers, which were destroyed along with the SDF-2 (Robotech: The Macross Saga Comic #36: To the Stars)

Armor Carriers


Secondary continuity

Tertiary sources


For the Macross equivalent, visit ARMD-class.

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