Armor-1 low earth orbit

The Armor-1 in low Earth orbit.

Armor-1 was the prototype of the Armor-class carriers.


In 2006, Armor-1 was taken over by members of the Anti-Unification League led by Shawn Arnold. The hijackers took the ship out of its shipyard and destroyed Antarctic Base using its Reflex Weapons. They then set a course to attack Macross Island and then Alaska Base.

The Armor-1 was intercepted by Roy Fokker flying the prototype YF-1 Valkyrie. The hijackers launched the ship's complement of SF-3 Lancer fighters to destroy Fokker but the Veritech fighter easily destroyed the fighters and a salvo of missiles from Armor-1. Fokker was able to close on the bridge of the vessel, destroying it with his gun pod. While the hijackers managed to launch a Reflex warhead at Macross Island before they were killed, it was destroyed high above its intended target by Fokker during re-entry through Earth's atmosphere. (Comic: Robotech: From the Stars: "The Gathering Storm", "Commitment")

After the SDF-1 launched from Macross Island Armor-10 joined up with Armor-1 to rendezvous and dock with the larger ship but was prevented from doing so by a massive bombardment by the Zentraedi fleet. (Macross Saga: "Space Fold")

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