For further uses of the term "Ark Angel," see Ark Angel (disambiguation)

The Ark Angel was a Human Ark Angel-class colony fortress. It was stored at Space Station Liberty around the time of the Battle of Reflex Point. After the Haydonite attack on the station, Captain Vince Grant of the Icarus abandoned his ship in favor of the Ark Angel as it had not been equipped with shadow technology, which the Haydonites had compromised. It was also the only useable ship large enough to carry the crew of the Icarus and the personal of Space Station Liberty.

Guarded by Skull Squadron, the Ark Angel was able to flee before the station's Neutron-S Missiles detonated in an attempt to destroy the Haydonites. It then returned to Earth and was refitted and rearmed by the REF. Upon its return the crew of the Ark Angel were tasked with searching for the missing SDF-3 and its crew, which was vital to the ongoing war effort. (Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles)

Behind the Scenes

This ship is named after the Sentinels ship in the novels as a fandom nod. It should not be confused with ship from the novels.


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