Angelo "Angie" Dante was a member of the 15th Alpha Tactical Armored Corps. He was also one of the oldest, having been born six years before the start of the First Robotech War, as well as one of the wisest. He was often weary of trouble, and often did not approve of Dana's tactics of leader, especially when a second motive was present. Despite this, he was still supportive of her as a lieutenant and as a friend, and would often be seen supporting her actions even if they were against what he considered the best idea.



Angelo was born in 2003, multiple years before the start of the First Robotech War and a few years after the Macross Incident.

When Angelo was in Kindergarden, he was the lead role in a play production of Peter Pan, a performance that he would later claim he was "terrific" in. (Masters Saga: "Deja Vu")

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