A Human/Haydonite hybrid android. (Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles)

Androids were artificially created beings that were able to appear as humanoids.


The Robotech Masters were known to have created bio-androids within their forces with some such beings were used to pilot their Bioroid mecha. Spare parts for androids were also located within the Tirolian vessels. (Masters Saga: The Trap) One such specimen was captured by Lieutenant Dana Sterling of the 15th Alpha Tactical Armored Corps during a mission into a crashed Tirolian Mothership. (Masters Saga: "The Trap") The specimen was later brought for study where it ceased functioning and Supreme Commander Anatole Leonard had it incinerated when he believed it was an unthinking piece of protoplasm after it was separated from its machine.(Masters Saga: "Metal Fire")

Doctor Emil Lang also was known to had developed an android on Earth prior to the launch of the Pioneer Expedition. This machine was designated as Janice Em that masqueraded as a Human due to a holographic filter allowing her to take that form. After contact with the Sentinels, technology sharing with the Haydonites led to the creation of a new android body for Janice that consisted of both Human and Haydonite technology. At the onset of the Fourth Robotech War, the Haydonites showed an interest in the "hybrid" Janice after detecting her electromagnetic signature and attempted to capture her, believing that she had the location of the SDF-3 after it went missing.


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